Jelly Belly = a popular Chicago treat

Did you know that there is a Jelly Belly factory on Morrow Ave in North Chicago? Shaw. If you want a northerly adventure where you can not only stuff your cheeks with a variety of colors and flavors but also learn how those colors and flavors are designed, check it out.

I wrote this poem-rap about Jelly Bellies for an old blog a few years back. Enjoy … if you dare! Muhahaha … !

Jelly Belly Tike Rap I
By Kristi Zimmerman

Once i was a tike
Around three or four.
My mama took me ovah to the candy store.
“What do you want?”
She said to me.
“I want somethin’ chocolate”
I responded with glee.
“What about these beans?”
She said lookin’ real smart
That’s when my stupid blood pressure
Went off the stupid charts.
“You know I hate them things!”
I belted at the candy shop.
“That stupid bunny brings ‘em…
With his stupid hop!”
That’s when my mama looked me
dead in the eye
She said: “Kristi, my dear…
this mama don’t lie…
try these here Jelly Bellies
Thems a type of bean.
Some smell a little fruity
and some smell real mean.”
I flinched at the candy
Then flinched at her face
My lil’ heart was racin’
All ovah the place.
“Okay, Char. I’ll give it a whirl.”
(I said this to suppress
my sudden urge to hurl.)
“Here, try green apple…
I know you’ll like them best.”
I slowly but surely
gave thems beans a test.
And right away
I figured it out too soon…
These glorious beans
really make me swoon.
Now, the moral of this story
Is to try somethin’ new.
And while you’re doin’ that
I’m gonna tie my shoe.

About Kristi Zimmerman

When I'm not navigating the interwebs as an internet marketing consultant, I'm either participating in a community theater production, running a local race, scoping out new Indie music or playing fetch with my cat, Bruce.
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  1. says:

    Yo. That’s awesome. You’re such a homey. Have you toured the factory? I need to know how they capture all of those flavors.

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