Being a square

Hullo, big city lights!

Whelp (that’s a slang version of “well” … this isn’t a birth announcement! No mammal offspring in the vicinity!), Cdubs and I have officially made the previously mentioned Palmer Square gem our home. We’re finally settled now … all snug like a couple of bugs with big brains and bigger hearts on a nice big rug. And this just in: we love it. It’s been four weeks since the move and yet we still manage to announce the following sentence to each other on a daily basis: “Wow, this place is SO cool.”

After scouring this rad apartment, our hands and noses as our trusty guides … we haven’t found one iota of ick or bad or dumb or lame … well, except for the water temperature / pressure … and window sills that leak nasty blood-water (see for yourself, I dare ya:)

Someone call Stephen King ...

But despite awkward (and cold … and non-pressure-ful … and blood-like … and not delicious gravy) drippings, we’ve pleasantly nestled into this joint like a couple of Nestle(R) crunch bars (I selected “crunch” and not the “caramel” variety for good reason: we both fried ourselves on a sand skillet under the hot sun two weeks ago in Panama City Beach, Florida).

Side note: At this point I want to keep the metaphors brewing because they’re oh-so-fun … but I’m on my last diet ginger ale and my brain power is waning like the eggplant I sauteed earlier for dinner. (OK that’s the last one.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, our view. It isn’t anything to cry over …

Lookit, maw! I can see Palmer Square from here.

And the park across the street doesn’t stink either … (well, figuratively – doggy play dates are prevalent down there and thus so too are the oceans of turdlagmites.)

The pathway to Palmerness

Cdubs and I plan to take full advantage of this urban oasis anchored in front of our new home (picnics, anyone!?). In fact, I’ve become an ol’ regular at Palmer Square Park as of late. After measuring the pathway using Gmaps Pedometer AND confirming my findings with, I determined, through science, that one lap is approximately .5 miles. So that means two laps equals a MILE … which is both convenient and enticing.

But the convenience isn’t why I’m sharing this particular piece of information with you. Every time I head down to the path for a run I learn something new about this city … about my neighbors … about their dogs, their drinks of choice, their strollers, their sunscreen selections and more. But sit tight for a few days (bad metaphor alert) as I’m beginning to feel the weight of twilight on my forehead like a cowboy hat that is just a leeeeetle too snug.

My next post will unleash a band of stories from my days of yore in Palmer Square Park. And by “yore” I guess I don’t mean yore at all since my only experiences in the park are recent. I just wanted to use the word yore. How often do you get to use “yore” in a sentence? Definitely not as often as as.

ps. Music download of the week – Mango Tree by Angus and Julia Stone (the ain’t too shabby either)

About Kristi Zimmerman

When I'm not navigating the interwebs as an internet marketing consultant, I'm either participating in a community theater production, running a local race, scoping out new Indie music or playing fetch with my cat, Bruce.
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One Response to Being a square

  1. Tara says:

    don’t forget you get to see your neighbors changing their headlights!! And also, I concur with your apartment being amazing, it is. Toe tapping by the window lately?

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