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May I recommend …

1. Zenni Optical – Getcha some swanky eyeglasses for the price of a bean burrito. (Unless you are legally blind without your contacts or specs, then it’s more like the price of 49 bean burritos. I can’t decide what I … Continue reading

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Urban Yoggers

I promised a brief yet informative blog describing the various characteristics of Palmer Square yoggers, as well as the conclusions I’ve drawn from my haphazard observations of them. I’m sure the promises I casually make on this blog are not … Continue reading

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James Earl Jones! I’m bored beyond belief! It’s Friday night and I’m sitting on the couch with my fat cat eating fat-free cool whip out of a bowl and reading The Daily Beast. My bud Tara is up for a …

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Being a square

Hullo, big city lights! Whelp (that’s a slang version of “well” … this isn’t a birth announcement! No mammal offspring in the vicinity!), Cdubs and I have officially made the previously mentioned Palmer Square gem our home. We’re finally settled … Continue reading

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