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Papa knows best!

Deep-dish delights (DDDs). Cheese-meat-sauce-dough-fat bombs (CMSDFs). Pizza-bowl muffins (PBMs). Italian Sausage-stuffed pies (ISSPs). Baked mozzarella and marinara dream-boats (BMMDBs). Beer’s fatty sidekick / stuntdouble (BFS[s]). Hangover helpers (HHs). Greesy gut-filling friendlies (GGFFs). Whatever pseudonym you (and your appetite) have conjured … Continue reading

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Food Day: go away.

Since my transition from country living to city living I’ve had the luxury of working day-to-day in the comfort of my own home. This of course has its perks, but also its downfalls (i.e. all work and no play makes … Continue reading

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It is no secret, friends: Chicagoans love their food. They love farmers markets, fresh produce, bread sans preservatives, microbrews (although PBR seems to be popular around these parts), expensive cheeses, Polish bakeries, vegan recipes and sushi. They loathe Velveeta, white …

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The day began productively:¬†Art meticulously hung on my new apartment’s eggshell walls, internet access granted and connected, kitchen utensils organized and stored in the most effective way possible, shower curtain strung blithely on its shiny, slippery curtain rod, and laundry …

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